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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Quest for Season 9

Light the Fires in the Season of Dawn.

by Jess Menga


Iron Banner: Season 9 Quest

The final Destiny 2 Iron Banner for the Season of Dawn is here, and if you haven’t completed Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner quest yet, it’s time to Light the Fires (both under your behind and in-game). Iron Banner gives players a chance to earn pinnacle weapons and gear that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Season 9’s final Iron Banner only lasts until 9am PST on February 25th, so get to it for your final opportunity to snag some exclusive Iron Banner weapons and armor.

The Season of Dawn’s Iron Banner quest has six steps, five of which must be completed in the Crucible’s Iron Banner game mode. Iron Banner most resembles the Crucible game mode of Control, but with a fiery twist. For players who are new to Iron Banner and want to know how to play, just go visit Lord Saladin in the Tower and select the quest before you head into the Crucible’s Iron Banner event.

Light the Fires

The Season of Dawn’s first Iron Banner quest step is called Light the Fires. To complete it, players must do the following:

  • Capture 10 Iron Banner zones
  • Defeat 30 enemy Guardians
  • Get 3 kills with your Super

These objectives should not be difficult to achieve, as every Iron Banner match’s progress towards an objective is stackable. Once you complete this quest step, you will receive an Iron Banner weapon.

Iron Sights

Once you have completed the objectives for Light the Fires, you can automatically move onto the Iron Sights quest step. Many of the objectives in each quest step after the first will include progress from the earlier quest steps, with the exception of weapon-specific kills. To complete Iron Sights, you will have to do the following:

  • Complete 6 Iron Banner matches
  • Capture 20 Iron Banner zones
  • Defeat 25 Guardians with scout rifles

When you complete this quest step, you will receive Iron Banner armor. You can expect an armor reward for each of the quest steps that follow.

Pump Iron

After completing Iron Sights, you will unlock the next quest step, called Pump Iron. To complete this quest step, you must finish the following objectives:

  • Defeat 100 enemy Guardians
  • Capture 30 Iron Banner zones
  • Kill 20 Guardians with a shotgun

Death Metal

As before, completion of the previous quest step will unlock Death Metal, which will be overcome by carrying out the following:

  • Defeat 15 enemy Guardians with your Super
  • Capture 40 Iron Banner zones
  • Kill 15 Guardians with a hand cannon

Iron Rain

The fifth step in the Destiny 2 Season 9 Iron Banner quest has been modified by Bungie upon receiving complaints that one of the tasks, which required players to get 10 rocket launcher kills, was too difficult for most to complete. This is because rocket launchers require Heavy ammo, which can only be obtained in Iron Banner by grabbing the ammo from a single, time-controlled source. With everyone on this quest step brutally battling their way to secure this ammo, Bungie understood that the objective was too difficult for most players to achieve. As a result, it now autocompletes, but you will still need to complete the other two objectives:

  • Complete 15 Iron Banner matches
  • Capture 50 Iron Banner zones

Iron Cast

The sixth and final step is simple: just return to speak to Lord Saladin in the Tower, who will give you a quest reward, and you’ll have officially completed Destiny 2’s Iron Banner quest for the Season of Dawn. Then you’ll be able to earn Iron Banner tokens from matches to redeem with Lord Saladin for Faction Reward engrams.

If you wish to receive class-specific gear for your other characters, you may complete this quest again on each of those characters and play Iron Banner matches until you are rewarded with rolls that satisfy you. Happy hunting, Guardians!

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2020

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