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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – How to Get Artifact

It's time to grind XP.

by William Schwartz


In Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Bungie is introducing a Seasonal Artifact which allows you to add unique perks to your guardian.  The Seasonal Artifact is actually part of the Season of the Undying leveling system which will introduce new items and content as you progress through the ranks.

The Artifact unlocks at level 7 in Season of the Undying

For the Season of the Undying in Destiny 2, the Artifact you’re looking to unlock is The Gate Lord’s Eye.  You can find this item by heading into the Seasons Tab when opening the director.  Once here, you will find a stream of content rewards for each level.  At level 7 you will find the Gate Lord’s Eye.

So to get this item and use it you will actually need to progress to level 7 on the Season.  This can be done by earning XP.  To earn XP fast in the Shadowkeep Expansion you’re going to want to focus on activities like daily and weekly bounties or other content that rewards the most XP.  You’ll need to earn 100,000 XP per level to unlock the artifact.

Once it’s been unlocked, you will have a slot for the Artifact in your character loadout screen.

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