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Destiny 2 Spine of Keres Lumina Quest Location

Land at the Divalian Mists for this one.

by William Schwartz

The Lumina Exotic Quest has a unique feature in that the location of one of the quest steps is dynamic and changes.  You’re going to need to track down a treasure chest using the System Positioning Device that you are given, but it can be in a bunch of different places.  If your device says Spine of Keres, you’re in the right place as this guide will explain how to quickly get to this hidden chest.

The Spine of Keres treasure chest is hidden on a cliff behind a tree and can be pretty hard to get to so we recommend using the video above and the map below for the exact location.  You’ll want to start off at the Divalian Mists and the loop all the way around to the Spine of Keres entrance on the north side of the area.  Head through the blue archway and then you’ll need to make a couple of  jumps across chasms to head into the Spine of Keres.

Once inside the Spine of Keres you’ll follow the path towards the left which will lead you across a bridge.  You’ll then hop up a long flight of stairs to the right and then a short flight of stairs to left.  At the top of these stairs the treasure is located dead ahead on the hill top in the distance.


Once on top of the hill you’ll need to search behind a tree at the top of the hill.  This one is a little bit hidden, but if you need the exact location just use the map and video above.

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