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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Guide: How To Get Praxis Points

by Mike Guarino


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has a progression system that is fueled by the acquisition of what are called Praxis Points. These Praxis Points can then be applied to your character’s Augmentation skill list, which is divided into Cranium Eyes, Torso, Arms, Back, Skin and Legs categories. The best way to ensure that you’re fit to handle the increasingly-challenging gameplay scenarios is to have as many Praxis Points as possible to beef up your augmentations, so how do you get them?

There are several ways to get these useful points, but ultimately those who take the time to explore every facet of the game are the ones who will get the most. The game features an experience points bar that will raise as you complete quests, successfully hack things, explore new areas and so on. When this bar completely fills up you will get one Praxis Point, with the bar then resetting as you work towards your next point. It doesn’t take too much time for this bar to fill up as you naturally progress through the story, but there are other ways to get even more.

Those familiar with the Deus Ex series know that the series’ attention to detail is one of its strengths, and that is no different with Mankind Divided. Along with making sure that you take on as many side quests as possible, be sure that you are regularly using your Smart Vision augment whenever you are in a new room. This will help you to find terminals to hack, items to pick up and even hidden vaults. You’ll get experience points that go towards Praxis Points by doing this, but searching every nook and cranny will also occasionally turn up Praxis Kits that give you Praxis Points automatically.

This final method for earning Praxis Points is a little unconventional as it involves playing a separate game, but considering that game is solid it is definitely worth mentioning. Deus Ex Go recently launched on iOS and Android, bringing the Deus Ex series’ trademarks into Square Enix Montreal’s great puzzle series. While the game is worth playing in its own right, doing so can actually get you more Praxis Points within Mankind Divided. There are currently four things that you can do within Deus Ex Go to get Praxis Points in Mankind Divided, and they are the following:

  • Complete the story mode (2 Praxis Kits)
  • Clear every level with Mastermind status
  • Complete a first set of weekly puzzles
  • Complete a second set of weekly puzzles

This will get you 5 Praxis Points, though it remains to be seen if the following weekly puzzles in Deus Ex Go will also reward you with Praxis Points. Just to clarify: playing Deus Ex Go is not a requirement and you will not be in trouble by missing out on these additional Praxis Points. As long as you follow the steps above you should have plenty and will be able to put them towards augmentations that suit your play style.

The game will also allow you to retain all of your stats and inventory in new game plus, so don’t fret if you’re trying to max out your character and don’t accomplish that in one playthrough.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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