Diablo 4: Edgemaster’s Aspect Location

Here’s where to find the Oldstone's Dungeon Location in order to unlock Edgemaster's Aspect in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
Edgemaster's Aspect Location Diablo 4
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Aspects are one of the most valuable items in Diablo 4. They allow players to take their build to the next level by infusing them with weapons or equipment. When Aspects are infused with weapons or armor, stats will increase, or buffs will be applied to specific skills — helping defeat hordes of enemies quicker. Blizzard previously disabled the Edgemaster’s Aspect, but it has made its return and is worth pursuing. Here is how to find Oldstone’s Dungeon and get the Edgemaster’s Aspect in Diablo 4.

How to Find Oldstone Dungeon and get the Edgemaster’s Aspect in Diablo 4

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Players can find Oldstone’s Dungeon and get the Edgemaster’s Aspect in Diablo 4 by heading to the Scosglen region. Use the image attached to this guide for the exact location of Oldstone Dungeon.

The Oldstone Dungeon will task players with finding a key and bringing it to a pedestal, then defeating a group of mini-bosses around the dungeon, and finally defeating the main boss. After defeating the main boss, the game will notify you that you have completed the dungeon and reward you with the Edgemaster’s Aspect. The Edgemaster’s Aspect will grant the players a 20% increase in skill damage based on the available Primary Resource.

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How to Use Aspects in Diablo 4

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To activate the Edgemaster’s Aspect, head to any Occultist — usually found in villages and cities. While you can infuse Aspects at any Occultist, I typically use Kyovashad as my go-to Occultist as it is easy to remember and the main first area of the game.

Speak to the Occultist and select the weapon you want to infuse with the Edgemaster’s Aspect. This particular Aspect is offensive — meaning it can only be infused to a weapon. Every time you add an Aspect to any item in the game, it will require some materials — such as Baleful Fragments and Veiled Crystals — as well as a good amount of gold. If you are short on gold and materials, head to a Blacksmith to sell and salvage unwanted items.

- This article was updated on June 15th, 2023

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