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Dirt 5 – How To Get Around Curves

One of the most difficult obstacles to survive.

by Dean James


Dirt 5 is the latest in the ongoing off-road racing series, which is known for being being a rather difficulty racer. Not only are you having to race against other cars, but you’re also having to traverse through these tough tracks found in the game. One of the biggest causes of concern are the curves in the game and this guide will give you some tips on how to get around them without too much trouble.

How To Get Around Curves

Driving is never going to be easy in Dirt 5 and one of the obstacles that prevents the greatest challenges more so than even your opponents are the various curves in the game. There are curves of various sizes and sharpness, which can make it even harder to figure out how to get around them.

First of all, the more you play of Dirt 5, the better you are going to be at navigating curves. You have to first of all learn which types of curves you can actually maneuver around without even slowing down, which are going to be the slightest of curves for sure. Sometimes it will require you to let off the gas just a tad, but not much if at all. With these, you can typically make it around by staying on the inside and holding towards the direction of the curve, especially if you can use other cars to sort of bounce you back inside.

For the sharper curves, you’re going to have to try some other tactics. The first option is to do a mix of letting off the gas or braking to get around the corner. This works even better if you have other cars also trying to make the turn ahead of you, because you can sort of use them as a wall to protect you from going too far while also getting ahead of them sometimes too. Your second option on these is to drift, which can be quite useful, but also difficult to pull off. If you’re not careful, you will end up spinning out and be turned the wrong way here. I tend to find more success with the first tactic on sharper curves, but both can work.

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