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Dirt 5 – How To Get More Stamps

Need them to unlock Main Events.

by Dean James


Dirt 5 is the latest in the long running Dirt franchise that extends back even further under another name entirely. The series has had various games modes over the years, with the main single player mode in Dirt 5 being known as Career. This mode lets you take control of your racer as they try to become the best around. You will eventually reach points where you need to obtain a certain amount of Stamps to continue forward, but knowing how to get more Stamps might not be as obvious.  That is why we have created this guide to help you out.

How To Get More Stamps

There are a few different forms of rewards that you get in Dirt 5, which includes things like XP, Rep, and more. These are earned with every race, but there is something that is more important in the long run known as Stamps.

Getting Stamps is going to be vital to your making it through Career mode, as just winning every race is not going to be enough. That is because you will eventually get gated to where you need a certain number of Stamps to unlock Main Events and such.

Stamps are essentially medals that you’ll acquire in the game for completing certain tasks. Specifically, you need to work to complete the Event Objectives for each Event that you do. For each of these objectives, you will be rewarded one Stamp. In addition, there are also some other objectives that will reward Stamps, such as time trial based events that give you additional Stamps based on your finish time in addition to the Event Objective ones.

If you are just absolutely struggling to obtain a Stamp from a given Event, you can also use your Dirt Dollars you’ve earned to reroll for a new batch of Event Objectives. This can be done many times, so just keep rerolling until you get a good one.

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