Disney Dreamlight Valley: Release Date, Early Access, Pre-Order Details, Platforms, and Everything You Need to Know

Disney Dreamlight Valley is on the way for players!

by Gordon Bicker


Disney Dreamlight Valley has breathtaking visuals that are set to truly immerse the player within the experience. People will be able to customize their character with a vast range of Disney-style options and clothing. The world looks to be packed with inclusions of many Disney characters, with references to various Disney content and movies throughout. The game says it is a ‘hybrid’ of a life simulator and an adventure game which many fans of those genres will be happy to hear. This article will take you through everything we know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley release date and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date and Preorder Details

Disney Dreamlight Valley is set for a September 6th early access release date which is extremely close. This early access release will be before the main release in the future. People who found the game interesting at Gamescom will no doubt be preparing to get their preorders ready for this Disney-focused title.

In terms of the preorders, there are three specific Founder’s Editions, all of which will grant you access to the Early access. The editions and their content are as follows:

Standard Founder’s Edition — Costing $29.99

  • Early Access to the title
  • 8,000 Moonstones
  • Exclusive Standard Furniture Set, this will include 7 items for decoration
  • Exclusive Standard Ears Headband and a Spirit Jersey
  • Exclusive Standard Wall & Floor Coverings
  • Exclusive Standard Design Motifs, you will get three motifs

Deluxe Founder’s Edition — Costing $49.99

  • Early Access to the title
  • Everything from the Standard Founder’s Edition
  • 14,500 Moonstones
  • An exclusive Deluxe Celestial Turtle animal companion
  • Exclusive Deluxe Ears Headband & Spirit Jersey
  • Exclusive Deluxe Furniture Set
  • An exclusive Deluxe Clothing Set
  • Exclusive Deluxe Wall & Floor Coverings
  • Exclusive Deluxe Design Motifs, three in particular

Ultimate Founder’s Edition — Costing $69.99

  • Early Access to the title
  • All of the content from the Standard and Deluxe Founder’s Packs
  • 20,000 Moonstones
  • An exclusive Ultimate Clothing Set
  • The exclusive Ultimate Royal Fox animal companion
  • Exclusive Ultimate Ears Headband and Spirit Jersey
  • Exclusive Ultimate Furniture Set, this includes a whopping thirteen decoration items
  • Exclusive Ultimate Wall and Floor Coverings
  • Exclusive Ultimate Design Motifs

There certainly is a lot of content included with the Ultimate edition of the game. It should be noted that ‘Moonstones’ are an in-game currency and said to unlock a premium track for the Star Path. This will allow you to get ‘special’ cosmetic items.

Gameplay for Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will be bringing this beautiful valley back to its former glory and saving it from the big bad of the game ‘The Forgetting’. You can even create your own story as either a hero or a villain. Customization is also a major focus for the experience with you being able to stylize your character in an incredible Disney fashion.

Furthermore, both Disney and Pixar characters will feature in the game meaning that you will get the best of both worlds. There are even specific ‘hangout’ areas where you can chat with your favorite characters.

Early Access and Platform Information for Disney Dreamlight Valley

As aforenoted, you can get into the Early Access on September 6th when you purchase any of the three founder packs. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers automatically get Early Access for free on the 6th without purchasing any founder pack. The early access will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. However, in the future, the game will also get a Mac release.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will release in Early Acces on September 6th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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