All Quests and Rewards in Gamescom Epix

Here are all of the quests and rewards live during Gamescom.

by Noah Nelson


Gamescom, a massive gaming event with new reveals, teasers, demos, and more, is live and has a virtual participation program called Gamescom EPIX. For those that can’t attend the event in-person in Germany, Gamescom EPIX offers quests and rewards to get.

Most of the quests revolve around exploring the Gamescom site and the rewards are tied to banners and avatars for your Gamescom profile. There are, however, a few game demos that you can try as rewards for quests. Here are all of the quests and rewards in Gamescom EPIX.

All Gamescom EPIX Quests and Rewards

The Gamescom EPIX quests are broken up into chapters. The rewards can be accessed as you complete the quests.

Chapter 1 Quests and Rewards

  • Uncovered the Imposter Banner ­– Complete the Among Games! quest
  • Stars. Ships. Troopers. 1 Frame – Complete the Hard Drive Dilemma! quest
  • Alien Friend Avatar – Complete the Ready for Take-off? quest
  • Scarlet Red Background – Complete the Chill Pill! quest
  • Stars. Ships. Troopers. Banner – Complete the All the Stars! All the Ships! All the Troopers! quest

Chapter 2 Quests and Rewards

  • Forest Green Background – Complete the Need for Seed! quest
  • Into the Woods Frame – Complete the Back to the Loots! quest
  • The Owner of the Back Discovered Banner – Complete the Accio Bag! quest
  • Green Fluffy Avatar – Complete the Hear, hear! quest
  • One with the Forest! Banner – Complete the One with the Forest! quest

Chapter 3 Quests and Rewards

  • Camping in the Verse 1 Frame – Complete the Story Time! quest
  • Bonfire Orange Background – Complete the IT Super Trick! quest
  • Nordic Warrior EPI Avatar – Complete the Camp Champ! quest
  • Praise the Sun! Banner – Complete the Firestarter! quest
  • Spaceship Blue Background – Complete the Quo Vadis, EPI? quest
  • Camping in the Verse Banner – Complete the Outdoor Pro! quest

Chapter 4 Quests and Rewards

  • Shield Iridescent Background – Complete A fair shield and no favor! quest
  • OMG ONL! MFG 1337 Frame – Complete the Double Trouble! quest
  • EPI’s Friend Avatar – Complete the Break a Lag! quest
  • Spotlight Blue Background – Complete the ONLy youuu! quest
  • OMG ONL! MFG 11337 Banner – Complete the Biggest ONL Fan! Quest

Level Up Rewards

  • Chosen One EPI avatar – Reach Level 2
  • Closed Beta key for Fractured Online – Reach Level 3
  • AtrEPI avatar – Reach Level 4
  • Exclusive in-game item for Construction Simulator – Reach Level 5
  • Machine Hunting EPI avatar – Reach Level 6
  • Camping in the Verse 2 frame – Reach Level 7
  • Gamescom EPIX Premium LootPack for Xbox – Reach Level 8
  • Gamescom EPIX Premium LootPack for PlayStation – Reach Level 9
  • Gamescom EPIX Premium LootPack for PC – Reach Level 10

Other Quests and Rewards

  • Exclusive Access to Extended Moo Lander Demo – Complete the Moo! quest
  • 50% Discount on a One-Day Ticket to Gamescom – Complete the One for all and 1337 for one! quest
  • Moo Lander T-Shirt – Finish in the Top 5 of the Gamescom EPIX rankings
  • Moo Lander Game Key – Finish in the Top 45 of the Gamescom EPIX rankings
  • 5€ Voucher for Gamescomwear Collection – Complete the Suit, uhm… Level-Up! quest
  • 4k Wallpaper from HYENAS – Complete the TLDwhat? quest
  • Grateful EPI Avatar – Complete the How EPIC is EPIX? quest
  • Wallpaper for Fractured Online – Complete Master of the gamescomVerse! quest
  • EPIX Veteran Banner – Complete the EPIXpert! quest
  • Konami Code! Banner – Complete the Konami WASD! quest
  • Globetrotter Banner – Complete the Grind through the gamescomVerse! quest
  • Anime Pink Background – Complete the Yes, we scan! quest
  • ONL Hype Frame – Complete the ONL HYPE WARM-UP! quest
  • Clownfish Orange Background – Complete the Best of the Booth! quest

And that is all of the quests and rewards in Gamescom EPIX. For more on Gamescom, check out our Gamescom page.

Gamescom EPIX is live from August 24, 2022, to August 28, 2022.

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