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The Division Guide: How To Get Unlimited Crafting Materials

by Dean James


Following the launch of Destiny a couple years ago, it seemed like there was always some sort of exploit being found after each major update. So of course with Tom Clancy’s The Division having been out two days now, naturally an exploit has already been found that many people are taking advantage of for the time being.

As with most games with an RPG element, crafting is pretty important and to do that successfully you are going to need materials. These can be found throughout the game, including in specially placed toolboxes throughout the city.

As discovered by IGN, there is an exploit in The Division that many are using right now that allows you to essentially have access to infinite supplies of crafting materials in these lootable containers throughout the city. This means you can get tools, weapon parts, fabrics, and anything from the containers that will respawn every few hours.

The way to do this involves you going to the social area of your menu and go to matchmaking, where you will then choose Automatch and then Free Roam. Upon the game reloading and putting your into a different match essentially, the containers will be lootable again.

The most useful of these is said to be near the Base of Operations in The Division where you can get many tools you will need to craft in the game. However, while something like the Loot Cave in Destiny was easy and something worth trying, this can be a little more tedious to pull off. You will always have to go through the menus and go through this every time, so it can take you awhile.

You might be better off just playing and earning stuff naturally, but this is one option for those looking to be get more supplies quickly. Also, this is bound to patched sooner rather than later, so I wouldn’t count on this being a long term solution either way.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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