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Do this before the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Ends

Find out what's leaving with the Season of the Dawn.

by Jess Menga


As the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn begins to wind down, you may be wondering what remains to be completed before it ends on March 9th. As you level up your obelisks and donate Polarized Fractaline to further the progress of the Empyrean Foundation event, you might want to double-check on all of the things that will no longer be available when Season 9 transitions into the Season of the Worthy.

Season Pass Rank Rewards

Whether you have a Season Pass or not, try to level your Destiny 2 Season of Dawn rank to 100, the maximum level at which you will receive rewards.

Dawn Seal: Savior Title

Unlike with some of the other Seals that have been listed in the past, the Savior Title will no longer be available once the Season of Dawn ends, nor will many of the quests that constitute it. You can check your progress on this title at the bottom of the Triumphs page. You will also need the Season of Dawn Badge, as it comprises a sizable portion of the Dawn Seal that will grant you the Savior Title.

Timelost Obelisk Weapons

Assuming you’ve been contributing to the Empyrean Foundation event, you should have the Tower Obelisk set up and linked to the other four world obelisks. There are fifteen Legendary Timelost Weapon Bounties that will not be appearing next season, but in the Season of Dawn, you can grab them at the Tower Obelisk (or corresponding world obelisk, if you haven’t yet linked them to The Tower Obelisk). It is not yet clear if just the bounties or the weapons themselves will vanish after Season 9, but to play it on the safe side and farm for the best rolls, here is the list:

  • Perfect Paradox — Kinetic Shotgun (Tower)
  • Trophy Hunter — Sniper Rifle (Tower)
  • Pyroclastic Flow — Rocket Launcher (Tower)
  • Jack Queen King 3 — Hand Cannon (Nessus)
  • Patron of Lost Causes — Scout Rifle (Nessus)
  • Traveler’s Judgment — Sidearm (Nessus)
  • Steelfeather Repeater — Auto Rifle (Tangled Shore)
  • Black Scorpion-4SR — Scout Rifle (Tangled Shore)
  • Breachlight — Sidearm (Tangled Shore)
  • Martyr’s Retribution — Grenade Launcher (Mars)
  • Bygones — Pulse Rifle (Mars)
  • Line in the Sand — Linear Fusion Rifle (Mars)
  • Last Perdition — Pulse Rifle (EDZ)
  • Infinite Paths 8 — Pulse Rifle (EDZ)
  • Gallant Charge — Fusion Rifle (EDZ)

The new Fractaline/obelisk system developed for the Empyrean Foundation has made it easy to farm your Timelost Weapon Bounties, so it might be wise to grab these while the Sundial and obelisks are still around for the season. Since the community is on track for its Fractaline goal, players should feel free to grab whichever Destiny 2 Season of Dawn bounties they want at 10 Fractaline and 3,000 Glimmer each, especially since you can load up on these bounties and complete them all at once after making four deposits to the Tower Obelisk. As long as you’re playing the Empyrean Foundation right, many of these Legendary weapons are worth farming until the perfect roll for your play style is found, especially if you’ve hit or surpassed rank 92 in the Season Pass (for Saint-14 weapons only, this will give you a roll with one extra perk).

Iron Banner (Feb. 18 – Feb. 25)

With one last Iron Banner event for the season taking place between February 18th and February 25th, Guardians will have one final chance to finish this season’s Iron Banner quest and earn pinnacle rewards such as Iron Banner armor and weapons from the bounties collected from Lord Saladin.

Crimson Days (until Feb. 18)

If you happen to come across this guide before February 18th, you might want to earn this year’s Crimson Days Triumphs, as they are super time-limited and exclusive. You’ll also be able to buy some of the event’s sweet loot from Shaxx with the Confectionary Hearts you earn with these bounties.

Ritual Weapons Quests

While the Season of Dawn Ritual weapons quests will not expire with the changing of the season, they do require players to reach the activity rank of “Heroic” in each of the three game modes (Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard) before they can start the quests for the Komodo-4FR, Python, and Buzzard Ritual Weapons. Since progress will reset on these ranks at the start of the new season, be aware of your own activity ranks before deciding whether you should start now or wait until next season. Just note that if you’re going for the Dawn Badge, you will need to complete these before the Season of Dawn is over.


Most of the items above are required of Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn’s Savior Title, via the Dawn Seal. Since we established that the Savior Title can only be obtained this season, Guardians who want to make the most of the Season of Dawn before we transition to the Season of the Worthy can benefit by clicking through to the game guides linked throughout this article. Additionally, players can find the individual Triumphs that represent each requirement by visiting the Triumphs page in the game menu, where they can track their progress on the Dawn Seal found on the bottom left of the page. Good luck, Guardians!

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