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Does Baldur’s Gate 3 Have Controller Support?

Can you play Baldur's Gate 3 with a controller?

by Diego Perez


Does Baldur’s Gate 3 have controller support? Larian’s latest RPG may play best with a keyboard and mouse, but many players will want to play this game with a controller either on PC or Google Stadia. Divinity Original Sin 2, Larian’s previous title, featured controller support and even made its way to consoles after its initial PC launch, so controllers have been proven to work in games like this. The current controller support situation is a little confusing, but you can play the game with a controller if you really want to. Here’s everything you need to know about controller support in Baldur’s Gate 3.

PC Controller Support

The PC version of Baldur’s Gate 3 does not currently feature controller support. In a Steam community post, Larian Studios states that the game only works with keyboard and mouse controls on Steam at the moment. Controller support will be coming at a later date.

Stadia Controller Support

Baldur’s Gate 3 on Stadia has controller support unlike the PC version. It’s still in beta though, so expect to encounter some issues if you choose to play with a controller. According to the developer, “Stadia features a ‘beta’ version of Controller Support, but we suggest playing with a mouse & keyboard if you can for now, while we fine tune the controller for the future.”

Stadia is the only place you can play this game with a controller right now, but that doesn’t mean the experience is perfect. Some users have experienced issues with certain button mappings or other strange problems popping up during gameplay when playing with a controller on Stadia. Stadia supports keyboard and mouse controls too, and the developers recommend using that to play the game instead until the issues get ironed out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and Google Stadia. The game is currently in early access with a full release planned after at least one year in early access development.

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