Does Crime Boss: Rockay City Have PvP? All Game Modes, Explained

What are we getting ourselves into?

by Noah Nelson
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Crime Boss: Rockay City is a new game that has numerous game modes. While the list of famous actors in this game is impressive, the game mode options offer what seems to be a lot of variety but are really repackaged versions of the same Crime Boss: Rockay City experience.

All Games Modes in Crime Boss: Rockay City, Explained

There are three game modes in Crime Boss: Rockay City. Technically, there are four if you count the tutorial which should be the first thing you play as nothing else will familiarize you with the mechanics and general flow of the gameplay.

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The three game modes in Crime Boss: Rockay City are the campaign, Crime Time, and Urban Legends.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Campaign, Explained

The campaign of Crime Boss: Rockay City is a roguelike where you’ll earn money by completing missions, hire more crew members, and take over blocks. The goal is to get big enough to fight each gang leader and take over all of Rockay City. If you die, you’ll start from day one.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Crime Time, Explained

Crime Time is a quick play game mode where you can hop into any mission, complete the objective, and gain cash to hire more people and get better weapons. This game mode can be played indefinitely, but the end goal is to complete all the contracts which feature harder missions.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Urban Legends, Explained

Urban Legends is a game mode that features mini-campaign missions that can be done alone with bots or with up to three online friends. There are six of these missions in total and can be replayed any amount of time.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City Have PvP?

Now that you know about all the game modes in Crime Boss: Rockay City, you’ll see that it does not have PvP. There are turf wars in the campaign which is basically team deathmatch but with bots, so a PvP mode might come later. For now, there is no PvP mode or known plans about PvP coming to the game.

Does Crime Boss: Rockay City Have Co-Op?

Yes, Crime Boss: Rockay City does have co-op. You can play with up to three of your friends in online co-op in either Urban Legends or Crime Time. Unfortunately, Crime Boss: Rockay City does not have split-screen.

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