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Does New World Have Controller Support?

Is there controller support in New World?
New world

New World was released today and has been the talk of the gaming community for quite some time ever since its beta was released over the summer. One of the biggest changes to the MMO formula in New World is instead of the tired old “point, click and watch” formula of attacking, we are now getting an MMO with full-on-action combat akin to something like Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dark Souls. With that though comes the question of whether or not New World will have controller support. Here’s everything you need to know about controller support in New World.

Does New World Have Controller Support on PC?


Right now, the answer is no. The developers did say months ago in March that there was going to be controller support for the game’s full release. Since then though, those statements have been fully backtracked as it appears they couldn’t figure out a way to fully optimize the game to fit within a limited number of buttons.

So, technically the game does not support controllers at this time BUT the developers did mention that the game’s inputs can all be re-binded however you’d like and would play just fine with other control devices. This means that if you generally play PC games with a controller, you will be able to map everything as you’d like to the device if you prefer.

How Can I Play New World With a Controller?


If you don’t feel like mapping every single input into a controller, you can rely on one of the many different third-party softwares that are out there. Usually, downloading one of these will automatically have bindings mapped onto it and from there, you can tweak anything you’d like so that it works well within the framework of the game.

Although controllers aren’t supported right now, it seems like the developers have at least considered it so it could be very possible that this is added in a future update. At this time though, the game does not officially support controllers, so those looking for some haptic feedback and the like to go along with their experience will have to seek it out on their own and just hope it maps up correctly to your controller.

New World is available now on PC.

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