Does Spider-Man 2 Have Multiplayer?

Be Greater. Together?

by Thomas Cunliffe
Peter Parker and Miles Morales posing high in the air, among New York skyscrapers
Image: Marvel, Insomniac

From buses to box art, Peter Parker and Miles Morales seem to be plastered on just about every piece of marketing for Spider-Man 2. With the game having such a hard focus on the two Spideys and the tagline “Be Greater. Together,” some have wondered whether Spider-Man 2 features two-player co-op or other multiplayer features. The answer may leave some fans disappointed.

Does Spider-Man 2 Have Two-Player Co-Op?

Image: Marvel, Insomniac

While swinging through the streets of New York with a pal sounds incredibly fun, Spider-Man 2 is a single-player-only game and does not feature co-op multiplayer or online features.

As much as I adore the idea of co-op crimefighting, Spider-Man 2 implements the “two Spider-Men” gimmick perfectly. Both Pete and Miles have their own web of stories that intertwine, as well as their own narratives that wouldn’t work with two players controlling them.

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How Does Having Two Spider-Men Work in Spider-Man 2?

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

In Spider-Man 2’s open world, players can switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales at (almost) any time by swiping left on the touchpad and holding down Square. Many missions and a handful of activities will require you to play as one Spidey over the other, but you may find yourself seamlessly switching partway through.

Miles and Peter have the same gadgets, basic moves, and, of course, web wings. Where they differ is their abilities, which are special combat moves related to their unique capabilities — such as Miles’ Venom powers, Peter’s Spider-Legs, and new abilities you’ll discover in the main story. Miles can also turn invisible, making him better at stealth.

Image: Marvel, Insomniac

There are three skill trees in Spider-Man 2: Peter’s, Miles’, and a shared skill tree. The Shared tree is the largest, with every skill affecting both Spider-Men. Their individual skill trees are centered around improving abilities unique to their respective hero.

Aside from combat, Peter or Miles can offer a different perspective on optional missions and activities, with both Spider-Men offering unique dialogue and interactions with characters. You can even bump into the other Spider-Man in the open world and fight together, then hug it out like true Spider-bros.

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Arguably the most important, both Spider-Men have a bunch of incredible suits to unlock and wear. There are far more to choose from compared to previous games, and many include selectable styles to switch up their color and effects. Even with the number of amazing suits Insomniac has offered up this time, my favorite still has to be the Bodgea Cat Suit.

If you haven’t played Spider-Man 2, what are you waiting for? A review? More photos of Spider-Man? Get out there and go save New York!

This guide was written while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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