Does Super People Have Controller Support?

Can you play this new Battle Royale with a controller? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to lose yourself in a new shooter, giving Super People a spin could be right up your alley. Working together alone or with a squad, you’ll take your pumped-up person and earn exciting weapons as you scrounge around the map in search of the best guns and parts around.

However, if you’re looking to give this game a spin from the comfort of your favorite chair, you may be wondering if Super People contains any sort of controller support. Let’s dive into the details and find out if you’ll be strapped to your mouse and keyboard, or if you’ll be able to use a controller as you make your way around in this excellent new shooter!

Can You Use A Controller With Super People?

For some gamers, using a controller with a First Person Shooter game just comes naturally. Being able to pop off some crazy in-air acrobatics while blasting an enemy to pieces with your thumbs is something that feels unreal, especially when you become extremely accustomed to using a controller.

This is why it pains us to mention that Super People currently doesn’t have any sort of controller support available yet. While the game is still early in development, with plenty of room to grow, there is still a chance that we may see controller support added sometime in the future. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you will not be able to currently play this game with a controller.

You could, however, use mapping software to hook your favorite controller up to this title and use it. However, some titles will ban you from playing if you use methods like this, so be cautious if you attempt to try this for yourself. We can only hope that if this title makes a jump to consoles shortly, we can give it a run for its money with controller support on PC beforehand.

Super People is currently available on PC.

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