Does The Entropy Centre Have Multiplayer?

Can you play with friends in this puzzling adventure?

by Shaun Cichacki

The Entropy Centre has plenty to offer when searching for a new title to help scratch the Portal itch. With its unique time-bending puzzles that require plenty of thought, it’s an exciting and unique take on the genre. But, if you’re looking for a second pair of eyes to help you find the proper solution to these brain teasers, you may be hoping to bring a friend along for the ride.

Does The Entropy Centre support multiplayer play of any kind, or is this a single-player experience only? While you may be able to rewind the cubes and other objects, will a friend be able to do the same with you? Make your way into the next puzzle room to find out this answer!

Can You Play The Entropy Centre With Friends?

If you’re looking to take on these time-altered puzzles with a buddy, you’ll be saddened to find that The Entropy Centre is a single-player affair. While this may feel unfortunate, Stubby Games is run by only one developer, and the product they brought to the market is quite impressive. Showcasing plenty of polish and technical skill, you’ll find that this title offers quite a package for an indie title.

While it would be exciting to see multiplayer in this title, we may need to wait for either an update that could bring it to the title or a sequel of sorts before this happens. Perhaps there will be a separate multiplayer campaign that is released as either free or paid DLC in the future? The overarching narrative wouldn’t truly support a multiplayer option, so we could only assume this could be a way that it is implemented if it is currently planned.

With this being the first title released by this developer, it’s understandable why multiplayer may not have been a primary focus. Being able to relax and rewind with a friend sounds like something from a dream for hardcore puzzle fans, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible announcement in the future.

The Entropy Centre will be available on November 3, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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