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Doom Eternal – Extra Life Permadeath Mode Explained

Permadeath spices things up.

by Diego Perez


When you’re choosing a difficulty level in Doom Eternal, you also have the option of enabling Extra Life mode. Extra Life mode adds a layer of challenge to your Doom Eternal playthrough, and you can enable it on any difficulty, not just the highest one. It’s a form of permadeath, turning every combat encounter into a tense struggle that puts your life on the line. In true old school fashion, running out of lives means game over, sending you back to the beginning of the game.

What is Extra Life Mode in Doom Eternal?

Extra Life mode in Doom Eternal is a modifier that you can apply to any difficulty level. It introduces permadeath into the game, meaning if you die, the game is over. You can find extra lives hidden throughout the game’s levels, but if you completely run out of lives, the game ends and you’re sent back to the beginning of the campaign. Extra life pickups aren’t the rarest thing in the world, but they’re still fairly spread out, so you’ll never have a huge stock of lives at your disposal. Extra life mode makes you play smarter and safer, introducing a new layer of risk to an already challenging campaign.

Tips for Extra Life Mode

To survive in Extra Life mode, you’ll have to constantly be at the top of your game, especially if you decide to try it on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare. Maximize your glory kill output to stock up on health, and use flame belch whenever you can to top off your armor. Don’t worry about Slayer Gates or secret encounters. Your only concern should be getting through a level alive. Stay on the move and use the environment to your advantage. Basically,  just follow these essential Doom Eternal tips and you should be fine.

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