Doom Eternal – How to Beat the Gladiator Boss

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by Diego Perez

Doom Eternal features several challenging boss fights, and the fight with the Gladiator can be a roadblock for some players. This encounter locks you into an arena with a giant shield-wielding demon alongside several other enemies. Thankfully, the Gladiator can be slain fairly easily with the right weapons and a solid strategy. This two-phase fight might be tough, but it’s also one of the coolest boss encounters in the entire game. This is how to beat the Gladiator boss in Doom Eternal.

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How to Beat the Gladiator Boss in Doom Eternal

The Gladiator boss is encountered in Doom Eternal’s eighth mission, Sentinel Prime. Here, the Doomslayer is haunted by visions of the past, providing insight into how he became the bloodthirsty warrior he is today. The mission itself is fairly short, with the Gladiator fight being the main attraction. There aren’t any demons to fight in the first part of the level thanks to the traditions of Sentinel Prime, which give the Doomslayer safe passage due to his status. This all changes once you reach the arena, however, as the final Hell Priest sends the Gladiator to kill you.

The Gladiator works a lot like the Marauder, protecting himself from your attacks with a shield. Also like the Marauder, the shield’s eyes will flash green when the Gladiator is about to attack. Attacking after the green flash will stagger the Gladiator, opening him up to more attacks. The Super Shotgun is your best best for the first phase. Just shoot the Gladiator at the right times and make frequent use of the Flame Belch and frag grenades. When the Gladiator’s health bar is empty, you can move in for a glory kill to transition to the second phase of the fight.

Phase two makes the Gladiator much more aggressive and agile. His twin maces allow him to attack you from across the arena, and he can spin one and reflect your shots back at you. He can also create energy walls that will lock you into a small space. He’ll then send ropes of energy at you that you can thankfully dodge by jumping over them. The ropes can be difficult to avoid, so pay attention to their high and low points to be able to dodge them effectively. To deal damage during this phase, the Lock-On Burst mod for the Rocket Launcher is your best bet. If you don’t have that mod, you can use the Rocket Launcher on its own or use the Heavy Cannon or Plasma Rifle to do sustained damage. Anything that will let you keep your distance is ideal. After whittling down the final health bar, move in for a glory kill to finish the fight.

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