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Doom Eternal – How to Invade

The Dark Souls of Dark Souls mechanics.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal’s take on competitive multiplayer is unconventional to say the least, with its primary multiplayer mode being an asynchronous 2v1 Slayer vs demon deathmatch, but players can actually invade other players’ campaigns with an invasion mechanic that draws clear inspiration from another prolific video game series. However, getting into Battlemode is easy enough. How do you invade in Doom Eternal? Well, the answer is equal parts complicated and disappointing.

How to Invade in Doom Eternal

To put it simply, invasions are currently not available in Doom Eternal. Invasion mode will be added to the game in a free post-launch update, although there isn’t a scheduled release window for the update just yet. Much like Battlemode, Invasion mode will pit up to two player-controller demons against one Doomslayer, although the fights will take place in one of Doom Eternal’s many campaign missions rather than specific multiplayer maps. If you’re not the PvP type, though, invasions will be able to be turned off in the settings to prevent other players from entering your game. Invasions sound like they’ll greatly increase Doom Eternal’s replay value and increase the game’s longevity by a great deal, so hopefully the functionality is added to the game sooner rather than later.

Alongside invasions, Doom Eternal will also be receiving two campaign add-ons in the future as a part of the Year One Pass that will provide new perspectives on the demonic invasion of Earth as well as new ways to play.

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