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Dr. Mario World How to Get More Characters

You'll need to grind coins or fork over some cash for characters.

by William Schwartz


There are numerous characters that you can play as in Dr. Mario World.  With ten characters in total, each of the characters in the game have unique abilities.  If you’ve played the game for a short while, you’ll notice that you get the option to pick a character.  You’ll be given the option to pick and play as Dr. Mario, Dr. Bowser, or Dr. Peach.  However, you can unlock all the characters going forward by earning coins or purchasing premium currency.

The kicker to unlocking characters in Dr. Mario World is that 1) They cost you 4000 coins per character 2) The character that you get is completely random.   You really don’t have any control over which characters that you unlock in the game.

Get New Characters in Dr. Mario World

Once you’ve got the required number of coins you can press the characters icon at the bottom of your screen and then head into the staffing options.  You’ll see the yellow toad and options to use coins or diamond currency to make the purchase.  Once you make the purchase a door will open that reveals your character.

Different characters have a different chance of dropping for you when you purchase them and they can be new doctors or assistants.


You can find the current drop rates for characters below:  

Unlocking characters using this method there is a chance that you get duplicate doctors or assistants.  If you get a character that you already have, that character’s skill level will increase.  Once you reach the maximum skill level for each character they will be removed from the pool of available characters.

There are currently 10 doctors and each have a drop rate of 2%.

  • Dr. Mario – 2%
  • Dr. Bowser – 2%
  • Dr. Peach – 2%
  • Dr. Luigi – 2%
  • Dr. Yoshi – 2%
  • Dr. Toad – 2%
  • Dr. Toadette – 2%
  • Dr. Bowser Jr. – 2%
  • Dr. Ludwig – 2%
  • Dr. Wendy – 2%

There are also 30 Assistants that can be unlocked, and each of the assistants have a drop rate of 2.67%

Since characters disappear from the character purchase screen once they are maxed out, it is possible to purchase all characters and not be able to purchase any more.  That is because you have purchased and maxed out each character.

Once you have unlocked new characters you can change your doctor or add different assistants at any time when you are not in a game.  Simply click on your character or either of the two assistant slots to change between your different available doctors or assistants once you have new ones unlocked.

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