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Dr. Mario World: How To Get More Hearts

Nintendo goes with the Candy Crush approach to lives.

by Dean James


Dr. Mario World is the latest mobile game from Nintendo, which offers a different take on the Dr. Mario formula. Taking some cues from series like Candy Crush, lives are limited in the game, which are signified by Hearts. This guide will detail how you can obtain more Hearts in the game.

How To Get More Hearts In Dr. Mario World

As you play through the first 20 levels in Dr. Mario World, you will notice that you have seemingly infinite lives at your disposal. Once you get past this introductory world however, your Heart total will be dropped to five.

Simply playing a level does not take a Heart away or anything in the game, but rather the game works just like how it does with Candy Crush Saga. Whenever you fail a level, you will lose a Heart. When you run out of Hearts, then you must wait until you have more to play with, which is what we are here to tell you about today.

What Nintendo is hoping you do is just purchase more Hearts through microtransactions in either bundles of 5 or infinite play for an hour. The infinite option is definitely the most enticing for those on long trips that really want to power through some levels, but you can also get Hearts in multiple ways without paying a dime as well.

The first of these is to simply wait for your Hearts to replenish. It will take you 30 minutes to replenish one Heart and you can go ahead and play, or you can wait two and a half hours to return and have all five hearts back.

You can also “Ask for Hearts” from the Hearts menu by linking your Facebook account and asking other friends that play the game for Hearts. This is also just like Candy Crush, so be sure not to spam your friends too much on Facebook when looking for Hearts. Once you get them, you can go to the “Get Hearts” section to obtain them.

Lastly, Dr. Mario World has Question Mark boxes with a timer above them throughout the game that you can unlock by beating the stage it’s located on top of. By doing this, you can potentially win Hearts as well.

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