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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Beat Dinosaurs

Time to make these dinosaurs go extinct.

by Dean James


At the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan is but a child that has never had to fend for himself at all. All at once, Gohan gets kidnapped, his father dies sacrificing himself to save Gohan, and Gohan is kidnapped by Piccolo to train. Piccolo leaves Gohan out in the wild to see if he can survive before he trains him, leaving Gohan to need to find food. One of those food sources are the many dinosaurs around the area and this guide will detail how you can take them down.

How To Beat Dinosaurs

When you fight against your first dinosaur as Gohan, you do not even have the ability to fly quite yet. This limits you to the dinosaurs on the ground, just like the one you see in the above him.

Unlike in combat, you cannot just run up and try melee attacking the dinosaur. Instead, you have to get its attention with a ki blast and continue to attack it with ki blasts. However, hitting it with a ki blast requires one extra step outside of battle.

You cannot just press Square on PS4 to shoot a ki blast at the dinosaur. When outside of battle, you have to hold down L2 first to bring up a reticle on the screen that you can aim at the dinosaur and then press Square.

Once you hit the dinosaur, it’s going to grow angry very quickly and start charging at you. Just keep attacking and dodging when it gets too close. Even if it hits you, you will be fine. Just keep shooting ki blasts in the same way until he is down and you will have some dinosaur meat in your hands very soon.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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