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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Beat Dodoria As Gohan

A warm welcome to Namek.

by Dean James


After defeating Vegeta to cap off the Saiyan arc in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma take off to Planet Namek while Goku recovers in hopes of finding their Dragon Balls to bring back their friends that the Earth Dragon Balls cannot revive. Nothing can ever be easy for them though, as they quickly realize Namek is being conquered by Frieza and his minions to try and find the Dragon Balls themselves. The first of these minions that you have to fight as Gohan is that of Dodoria and this guide will break down what to watch out for when fighting against him in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

How To Beat Dodoria As Gohan

People who have watched Dragon Ball Z before know that Gohan is not the one to take down Dodoria. However, you are tasked with holding him off here and must beat him in a battle to advance the story. You aren’t alone though, as you have Krillin by your side to help out.

Dodoria is definitely a bruiser in this fight, delivering some strong attacks to knock you out. The first of these is his Crushing Fist, which will charge right at your and try to smack you. This is one you want to try your best to dodge rather than block, leaving a gap open for you to attack. Dodging this attack won’t be easy though, so you’re going to have to really practice your timing. Similarly, he has his Head Ram attack where he charges at your as well, with this being used more often than Crushing Fist.

He also has two other techniques he will use from a distance with Super Mouth Cannon and Maximum Buster. Super Mouth Cannon has Dodoria sending out blasts all around you that you can dodge, while Maximum Buster are three blasts in a straight line that are shown off by a red line.

Dodoria can be a punishing enemy if you’re not too careful, as he can really hit Gohan that is not as powerful as Vegeta at this point. Focus on your dodges and don’t forget to take advantage of Krillin as your support character, with Solar Flare being a good technique to have Krillin use to give you a window to pummel Dodoria.

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