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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Beat Great Ape Oozaru Vegeta

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

by Dean James


The Great Ape Oozaru form is the ultimate form for Saiyans at this point of the series, with Vegeta creating a projection of the moon to turn into the Great Ape to face Goku after he struggled to defeat him. Vegeta gets tired of this and decides to bring out the big guns, leaving Goku to have to face off against an enemy many times greater in size than himself in the second Oozaru showdown of the game.

How To Beat Great Ape Oozaru Vegeta

Great Ape Vegeta shows off his sheer power very quickly by trying to blast you with his Super Mouth Cannon, which is literally as it sounds. This giant blast out of his mouth shoots directly in front of him and you do not want to be in its path. Make sure to avoid this whenever he tries to use it and get up close to him when you can.

When up close, start attacking him wherever you can, with him taking damage pretty much all over his body. While attacking, be careful of his attacks as well, as he will try a few tactics. One will be to swipe and smash in front of him, so try to try away from these attacks if you can.

The most dangerous besides the Super Mouth Cannon though is when he jumps up in the air. At this point, he can land on top of you and deal a lot of damage. Whenever you see him leap in the air, start backing up by pressing X on PS4 repeatedly as often as you can.

As long as you can avoid Vegeta’s Super Mouth Cannona nd his jump attack, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Just like with Great Ape Gohan, Great Ape Vegeta’s health bar goes down very quickly and you shouldn’t have to worry about him for too long.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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