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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Beat Vegeta As Goku

The rivalry begins.

by Dean James


While we all know how the Vegeta story turns out, the rivalry between him and Goku is still one of the best the series has to offer and it all goes back to their first bout. Following Vegeta taking out Nappa himself after he lost to Goku, it is time for you to take on Vegeta yourself as Goku. While the last few fights haven’t been all that difficult following the Raditz one, Vegeta definitely puts up a good fight in his first battle against Goku.

How To Beat Vegeta As Goku

You know Vegeta is going to be formidable foe here, especially with how he made such easy work of Nappa. Not only is he fast and aggressive when trying to take you out, but he also has a number of powerful super attacks to use on you as well that is bound to give you a hard time.

First and foremost, Vegeta has his patented Galick Gun that people know from him best at this point in the story. This beam attack can take a little bit to wind up, giving you a second to try and dodge, so try your best to avoid it if you can by sidestepping. Vegeta also has Consecutive Energy Shot and Dash Wave, both of which have him chucking ki blasts at you in various ways, with the best method being to dodge left and right with X on PS4 if you can.

He has much more than just his ki based super attacks, as the other four he has are melee based. Dash Attack has him charging right at you if you are close enough and dealing damage. Assault Rush is similar, though he goes in with a barrage of hits at once before knocking you back. Body Punch moves in quick and manages to stun Goku, so you really want to try and avoid this one, as it leaves you up to get hit by his other attacks like Galick Gun right after. Meteor Hammer is a strong attack that he tends to use as a followup to the rest, so that is also one to watch out for, especially if you’re vulnerable.

This is also the first fight you are introduced to transformations in, Kaioken in particular at this point. This can give Goku a big boost of damage and more, but it comes at the cost of it gradually reducing your health and ki meters, so be careful about using it too much.

As with the other more difficult fights, don’t be afraid to use any Vitadrink that you have available. You should learn to stock on these when you run out, as they can be a lifesaver. Also using Vanish Attack when you have an opportunity is a very good idea, as well as backing away when you notice Vegeta glowing red, as he’s going to try and unleash a stun attack on you. If you keep attacking and dodging his stronger attacks, you should beat him eventually.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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