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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Get A Car

The classic filler episode gets its time to shine.

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Z is usually all about the action and fights, but there are also some episodes here and there between major events that are more slice of life. Arguably the funniest episode of the entire series came in the wait between Trunks’ arrival and the fight with the Androids where Goku and Piccolo end up going out to get their driver’s license. This is the kind of thing that is skipped over in the games over the years, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot actually included this as a mini-game. You can also get a car to drive around in the game and this guide will explain how you can get it.

How To Get A Car

After you finish up the Frieza arc and start up the Android saga where you encounter Trunks and such, you will have some time to get some sidequests done. At this point, you will have the opportunity to get a car built by going to Capsule Corporation and speak with Bulma. She will introduce you to the creation system, allowing you to build certain vehicles in the game.

One of these vehicles that Bulma will build for you right away is a car, but she will require some items for her to do so. Go find all of the materials that she requests and then you will gain access to the car from that point forward.

Once you have the car, you have access to these new car-based mini-games that are found around the map. These are something you can skip entirely and just cruise around in the car if you wish, but it’s something to extend the longevity of the game for those looking for more content.

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