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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Get Pre-Order DLC Content

Can be purchased separately for those that didn't pre-order.

by Dean James


While not as prevalent as they were a few years ago, pre-order bonuses are still very present in the current gaming landscape. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the games that includes such content, with it providing players with a sub-quest, early access to training, and an extra cooking item. When first starting up the game, players may be confused on how to access this content, so this guide will explain how you can get access to this extra content.

How To Get Pre-Order DLC

Pre-ordering Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot brings with it a few special bonuses that you can redeem in one of two ways. Those who purchase the game physically will receive codes for them, while those who purchased the game digitally will have the content added automatically.

The first pre-order bonus is a special sub-quest known as “A Competitive Party With Friends, which offers you a chance to take on some of the fellow Z-fighters in friendly matches. The second is early access for a special training featuring the brand new character and member of the Ginyu Force known as Bonyu. Lastly, you have a special item known as the Smiling Ultra Mega Roast, which ups your Melee attack and HP permanently for the character you use it on.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out where to access pre-order content in the actual game, but it is laid out pretty simply in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. After you have redeemed the codes for a physical version or previously pre-ordered the digital version, you don’t have to do anything else outside of the game. Now you just have to start up your game and will be prompted as soon as you start it for the first time.

This breaks down when you have access to each of these bonuses, which we are going to relay here. From the start, you will have the Smiling Ultra Mega Roast added to your inventory, so you can use it anytime. The other two will require you to progress through the game to certain points.

To access “A Competitive Party With Friends,” you have to play up until Cell Saga Episode 2: For The Future and will be able to access this sub-quest within the game. After the completion of Cell Saga Episode 2, an event will automatically take place for the Bonyu training, so keep an eye out for that so you can then access it. Outside of the Smiling Ultra Roast, you’re going to have to wait awhile to access the other bonuses, so just keep playing and you’ll eventually get to them.

For those that missed out on the pre-order period for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you can still access this content, but at a cost. You can go to your respective store for the platform you have the game on and purchase the Pre-order DLC Pack for $4.99 right now.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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