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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Get Senzu Beans

Heal yourself 100%.

by Dean James


Senzu Beans have played a very important role in Dragon Ball Z over the years, healing anybody who eats them almost instantly. It would make sense that you would have access to them at some point in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which is exactly the case. You have to complete a quest to get them though and this guide will explain just how you can do this in the game.

How To Get Senzu Beans

The first step towards getting Senzu Beans comes when you visit Korin’s Tower during the Android saga in the game and Yajirobe asks you to find two items, Sage Water and Godly Grow Fertilizer.


As seen in the above image, you will find the first item you need for Yajirobe by the water. Just follow the icon on the map and when you get near the water, look for the pink orb. This can be easily detected by holding down L1 on PS4 to search for ki and it will make the orb more visible. Once you interact with this orb, you will have received the Sage Water.


Now we must search for the other remaining item that you need to find for Yajirobe, which you can track down by following the icon quest icon. You may run into a fight here with a Kyuconman, a stronger version of the Saibaman, near here as well. Once again, use your ki to look for a pink orb around on the ground as seen in the above image. When you interact with the orb, you will now have the Godly Grow Fertilizer in your possession.

With both of these items, not head back to Korin’s Tower to give them to Yajirobe, who tries to pretend that he found them. Korin is wise enough to know this isn’t true and tells Goku he can come back whenever he needs to get Senzu Beans. You won’t get the Senzu Beans from this conversation, so just talk to Korin again after the scene and you will be given two of them. From this point forward, you can go back to Korin and get more as time goes on, with you having to wait between each time you get them from him.

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