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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Set Gohan Next To Goku

Build your Community Boards for extra bonuses.

by Dean James


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is much more involved that most of the past games in the franchise, with one of the areas of complexity coming with the building of relationships. This is done through what is known as the Community Board in the game, with different ones available. This can be a bit confusing when you are given your first Spirit Emblem of Gohan and this guide will explain what to do with it.

How To Set Gohan Next To Goku

While not at the very beginning of the game, you will pretty quickly be introduced to the Community Board aspect of the game. The Community Board is split into seven different boards, each of which have a leader that you can build around.

The first of the Community Boards that you have access to is the Z Warrior one, which is led by none other than Goku. After a few of the early missions with Goku as you first start of the game and are with Gohan in the woods, you will receive what is known as a Spirit Emblem for Gohan.

Spirit Emblems can be used on these different Community Boards to be paired with one of the Community Board Leaders. Doing this may seem a little confusing at first, so just make sure you grab the emblem, in this case Gohan, and place it on the circular spot just to the left of Goku. Doing this will provide a boost to the Z Warrior board and allow you to continue with the story.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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