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Dragon Ball Z: Kakrot – How to Heal

There are numerous ways to heal.

There are numerous ways to heal in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.  The method that you use to heal will likely depend on the situation you are in in the game.  In this guide we’ll go over the different ways to heal in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot so that you can heal anytime you want.

Heal at Campfire

The first healing method that you’ll want to know about in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the campfire method.  Anytime you are exploring the world map you can find campfires to rest at which will restore your HP for free.  Campfires can be found by looking for plumes of smoke coming from the ground.  Simply fly or walk to one of these plumes of smoke and you will find that there is a campfire that you can interact with.  When you get to the campfire you will find that you have an option to eat a meal or to rest.  If you want to recover your health you will simply choose the rest option and you will automatically heal all your HP and Ki.

Heal with Items


Campfires are good ways to prepare for a bigger battle, but what about when you are actually in a battle and can’t get to a campfire?  Well, that’s when you’ll want to use your items or assign items to your quick items menu.

Healing with items through the menu is pretty straight forward.  Simply bring up the main menu by pressing the Options or  Menu Button and then select the first option to open the items menu.  From there you can select any healing item to use.  The Vitadrink in the image above will restore 1000 HP when you use it.

 Using Healing Items in Battle


You can also use healing items in battle without having to go into the items menu.  Prior to being in battle you can select items to assign to your quick items Palette.  Simply highlight the item you want to assign to the palette and register it by pressing the X/Square Button in the items menu.  This will allow you to assign a face button to the item.

Then, when you’re in battle you can hold the directional pad in any direction to bring up the palette overlay which will allow you to choose the item you want to use and heal during battle in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.