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Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Cook Food and Basic Recipes

There are many ways to cook.


Cooking in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is necessary because you need food to survive.  There is a hunger meter in the game and when it gets empty you’ll have a hard time building or fighting enemies.  There are some items that you can eat that are consumable in raw form, but cooking food allows you to get more hunger points back and more health recovered.

Cooking on a Bonfire

In the early parts of Dragon Quest Builders 2, the way that you cook food is through using a bonfire.  This can be crafted at crafting table and placed just about anywhere.  To craft a bonfire you need Wood and Oil.  (Wood can be found by chopping down trees.  Oil can almost always be found by defeating Slime type enemies).

Once you have a bonfire, you can place any item with a cooking icon on the fire.  When you approach a bonfire take a look at your item menu at the bottom of the screen.  If you have items that can be cooked, there will be a red pot above them that only shows when near a cooking station. There are many different items that you can cook and the more you experiment the more recipes you will have at your disposal.  If you’ve created a kitchen, any recipe that you find will be shared with your entire group.

We’ve compiled some basic recipes if you want to check those out here.

Bonfire Recipes

Simply take an item from your inventory and use it on the bonfire to cook these items

  • Cabbage – Grilled Greens
  • Crab Claw – Cooked Crab Claw
  • Sugar Cane – Sweet Candy
  • Wheat – Bread
  • Tomato – Great Grilled Greens
  • Meat – Seared Steak
  • Shineapple – Fine Fruit Flambe
  • Cactus Cutlet – Cactus Steak
  • Marshrooms – Shrooms on a Stick
  • Glumgus – Spectacular Shrooms on a Stick
  • Prickly Peach – Fruit Flambe

Once you reached Khrumbul-Dun you will also get a couple of other cooking options.  You’ll learn iron working skills and be given the opportunity to craft a frying pan.  You’ll also be able to make cocktail type drinks in Casks.

Cooking in a Cask

Mixing a drink in a Cask is pretty much the same as cooking an item in a bonfire.  Simply walk up to the cask and select the item that you want to place in the cask.  If you can use the item to craft a drink it will show up as red on your item bar.

Cask Recipes

  • Vineapple – Digger’s Jigger
  • Shineapple – Delicious Digger’s Jigger
  • Cactus Cutlet – Savory Smoothie


Once you’ve started cooking with the frying pan, things do get a bit more interesting because there is a bit of experimentation that you can because you can combine two items. You can cook just a single item in a frying pan, however.  If a combination of items cannot be cooked to make a dish, you will not be allowed to cook.  You can experiment with different consumables to find powerful health and hunger regeneration dishes.  One of the dishes you will encounter frequently is the Turf and Truff which is a steak combined with marshrooms.

The recipes that we listed above is not a comprehensive list.  Experiment with different items in the bonfire, cask, or frying pan to uncover new foods and drinks to make and eat/drink.

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