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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Defeat The Brainy Badboon Boss

Take down the giant baboon and his minions.

by Dean James


Much of the first major part of Dragon Quest Builders 2 is focused on the rising up of the builders against an enemy force, which we find out to be Brainy Badboon. After finishing rebuilding the new Deitree, you discover that you need a Leaf of Life that the boss is supposed to have. As a result, you must go into battle against this boss, which is much tougher than all previous enemies to this point. This guide will explain just how you can take down the giant baboon.

How To Defeat The Brainy Badboon Boss

Before you actually face Brainy Badboon, you must take on another wave of enemies as you’ve done numerous times by this point in the game. After beating them, it will take you back into the town and you will have to interact with Malroth again to trigger the actual fight with Brainy Badboon.

As soon as the fight starts, he will ram towards the Deitree, which you need to avoid. After doing this, he will move away and spawn more smaller enemies that you need to take down quickly. As soon as you do this, it will play a quick scene showing the battlefield in front of you with some perfectly placed banana peels as you can see in the below image.


Just as you would expect, the goal here is to use these banana peels to your advantage. You will be doing this by switching to your glove and picking up one of the banana peels and placing it directly in front of Brainy Badboon’s path as he tries to ram into Deitree again.

If you place the peel in the right place, he will run right into it and freeze right in that spot for a few seconds. This leaves him completely vulnerable for you and your party to attack him before he gets back up and calls on reinforcements again.

After defeating the reinforcements, he will start revving up again to aim at the Deitree, but do not place the banana peel right in the center again, as he will try to trick you and move over to the left and go for the tree. Move the peel to that spot now and repeat the same process as before to wail on him before he brings in more enemies.

Once you take them down, Brainy Badboon does something a little different this time by shooting projectile blasts directly at you that you need to make sure to avoid. He does two waves of this, but neither should be overly hard for you to dodge.

After you’ve avoided his projectiles, he’ll start winding up again to go after the tree. This time however, he tries to trick you twice by starting in the middle, going left, and then going right. Drop the peel in his path and then go right after him with your weapon to finish him off. You will be rewarded with the Leaf of Life you were looking for upon his defeat.

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