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Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Get Five Types of Seeds

You'll need to track down Sugar Cane, Tomato, and Pumpkin Seeds.

by William Schwartz


During the Furrowfield Farms missions you’ll be tasked with tracking down five different types of seeds.  At this point in the game you should have Cabbage Seeds and Wheat Seeds, so tracking down the other three seed types if what you need to do.  The other seed types are Sugar Cane Seeds, Tomato Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds.  Each of the seeds is found in a different location on the map and it’s basically a three-part quest to find all five seeds.

You’ll need to befriend a Furrowfield Retriever.  This is a friendly dog that you’ll encounter at the farm and this dog can sniff out buried seed locations.  Once you befriend the dog it will be your companion for the rest of your time in Furrowfield.  To befriend the dog you need to walk up to it slowly and the follow the prompt to pet the animal (assuming it doesn’t run away).  If you are successful in petting it and making friends it will join your party.

Once the dog is in your party it’s off to the Bog are on the map to get Sugar Cane Seeds.  Bring the Sugar Cane Seeds Back to the farm and you’ll be sent back out for two more quests that have you visiting and orc and a graveyard to collect the tomato and pumpkin seeds.  These quests should unfold naturally as you head back to the farm, plant the seeds you’ve recovered, and progress the questline.

However, if you’re having trouble finding the orc, the bog, or the graveyard, you can find them in the map below.


The quests will get you started on your search for five types of seeds, but you might need to head back into these locations and look for more of them.  Make sure you search chests and listen to the dog that’s with you as it can lead to you stash of seeds that are hidden throughout the map.

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