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Dragon Quest Builders 2 How to Grow and Harvest Wheat

You'll need to complete every step from planting to harvesting.

by William Schwartz


Soon after you arrive at the Furrowfield Farm in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you will learn that harvesting and growing crops is one of your primary objectives.  To grow and harvest wheat you’re going to need to find suitable soil, plant wheat seeds, and then wait for it to grow.  Once the harvest is ready, you’ll need a cypress stick or another secondary weapon to actually harvest it and put it into your inventory.

If you’ve yet to find the wheat seeds they are located in small nearby structure to the Furrowfield Farm.  A massive windmill is located to the east of the farm.  You can use the map below if you’re having trouble locating it.  There you’ll encounter Britney who will give you the wheat seeds.

To plant the wheat seeds you should place them on fresh soil.  At this point, you can plant them next to the cabbage which should already be planted in the fresh soil plots at your base.  Once they’ve done growing, you can then harvest them by using the secondary weapon.  Your secondary weapon at this point should be a Cypress Stick.

To harvest the wheat simply walk over to it and press the Triangle/X Button and then walk over the wheat that you’ve cut to collect it.

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