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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Grow Pumpkins

Returns to the easiness of the first few crops.

by Dean James


One of the most lengthy and arduous missions in the early part of Dragon Quest Builders 2 is when you are tasked to plant 250 crops in your town. This doesn’t just mean you can cut down crops and grow more to add to the total, but rather 250 individual planted crops at one time in the town. This will lead you on a journey to find different kinds of seeds, with the final two being tomatoes that we talked about in another guides and pumpkins. This guide specifically will focus on what you need to do to grow pumpkins in your fields.

How To Grow Pumpkins in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders starts off relatively easy with the farming for crops such as cabbage and wheat, with you simply having to set up the field by placing a scarecrow, waiting for Wrigley to change it to soil, and letting your townsfolk till and water the soil. This got much more advanced with the sugar cane crops and tomato crops, but things go very back to basics with pumpkins.

Pumpkin seeds are first acquired by following the marker to advance the story near the Ruined Church. You will start to pick up pumpkin seeds for awhile before running into a ghostly creature that gives you a task to earn more. Once you earn at least 30, you can head back to town and be ready to start planting.

To plant pumpkin seeds, you literally do not need to do anything special. The growing of pumpkins is done exactly how you did cabbage and wheat. This means just place the pumpkin seeds on tilled soil and make sure it has been watered. You will have to wait a little bit for these to grow, but they will be fully grown and ready for you to decorate your town for Halloween in no time.

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