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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Grow Tomatoes

More complicated to grow than previous crops.

by Dean James


The first Dragon Quest Builders was all about building new structures throughout the game, which is definitely still a major part of the sequel in Dragon Quest Builders 2. In addition, the game now adds in a farming mechanic that lets you grow multiple different kinds of crops, such as cabbage, sugar cane, and tomatoes. This guide in particular will focus on how you can grow tomatoes in the game.

How To Grow Tomatoes in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Tomato seeds are going to be the fourth or fifth seed you obtain in Dragon Quest Builders, depending on which icon on the map you choose to go for once you reach a certain point of the game. You absolutely cannot miss this, as it is required to continue moving forward with the game as a whole, so you essentially need to play until you get your first tomato seeds.

Once you obtain your tomato seeds themselves, you can start planting them in your town. Just like with the sugar cane farming, you must start off with the usual methods of creating a field by finding enough space and placing a scarecrow down to create the area. Keep in mind that you should at least have an extra block on each side at least due to something special you have to do with this type of farming.

Once the field is sowed by your town members, get out your hammer and break the ground surrounding the field to where you create a moat all the way around it. Use your Bottomless Pot that you got when working towards farming sugar canes and fill this moat with water. This will keep your crops watered without being completely covered like with the sugar cane.

You cannot just plant the tomato seeds at this point, as there is one more step you have to go about first. Head to the crafting station in your town and go down to Farming Equipment and create Planting Poles. These come in sets of 10 and require only three wood and one cord for each set. Go ahead and grab a bunch, as you need one for each tomato seed.

After creating these Planting Poles, head back to your field and place one of them in each spot that you intend to plant tomato seeds. After placing the Planting Poles, switch to your tomato seeds and plant them on the same spots as the poles. This is required as the tomatoes need stability to grow and you won’t be getting any tomatoes without doing this.

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