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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Grow Sugar Cane

More complicated than cabbage and wheat.

by Dean James


Farming is one of the major additions in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and it plays a major role in the game, with multiple different types of crops for you to plant. While these start off pretty simple with cabbage and wheat, they start to get more complicated with the third seed in the game for sugar cane. This guide will explain what you have to do special to use your sugar cane seeds correctly.

How To Grow Sugar Cane In Dragon Quest Builders 2

With both cabbage and wheat, growing required a few steps such as setting up a scarecrow to create the field that Wrigley will turn into tilted soil. Your town members should then sow the field, allowing you to start planting seeds. However, that is only for those first two seeds, as sugar cane requires a few more steps.

Start off by doing all of the above steps to create a field that you will be ready to turn into a sugar cane farm. When picking a spot, make sure you are picking one that has an extra block of space along the outside of all sides. This is because you will actually be putting up a wall around all sides of this field. If built too tall, make sure to either build in a block to step on to be able to get out or bring steps or a ladder to install inside.

Once you have the field ready, you are going to need two different items to actually prepare your sugar cane farm, sugar cane seedlings and a Bottomless Pot. Both of these come about during the game’s story, so you should find these by talking to town members and taking on new quests. More specifically, these are going to be near the bog that is located south of your town.

The Bottomless Pot comes in a mission after you get the first seeds when you are tasked to visit the cabin on the clifftop south of the bog. When you make it here, you will be given the Bottomless Pot and be asked to complete a mission here that serves as a way to learn how to use it. This Pot lets you go into water that’s not too deep and press ZR on Nintendo Switch to pick up water. You can then take the pot with you and hold down ZR to release water in an area.

Once you have the seeds and Bottomless Pot, head back to your field that you created and surrounded with blocks. Do not plant the seeds yet, as that would mess up the upcoming process. Instead, hold down ZR and release water within the barricaded field to where it would cover the crops. After filling with wall, you want to walk around the field and plant your sugar cane seedlings you have. Now you just have to wait for a bit and you will have yet another crop to harvest in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

- This article was updated on:July 18th, 2019

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