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Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Perform A Big Bash

Save a lot of time when farming for blocks.

by Dean James


One of the best new features in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the removal of degradation to weapons that would cause them to break over time. The sequel instead gives you a main fighting weapon that you can switch out, as well as a hammer that you can use to smash blocks and the like all around the map. The collecting of blocks for building can get kind of tedious sometimes, but thankfully the game introduces a technique that will help speed this process up known as the Big Bash and this guide will explain how you can pull it off.

How To Perform A Big Bash in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Using your hammer in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is as easy as making sure it’s equipped by pressing A on Nintendo Switch to go between those types of items and pressing ZR to smash with it. Hitting blocks typically takes two hits of the hammer, though you can usually hit more than one block at a time, especially if there are many blocks directly in front of you. You can also hold down ZR to keep the hammer going as well.

This whole process can start to feel very grindy doing it this way, so thankfully there is a move to help you out here known as the Big Bash. To pull off a Big Bash, you must first hold down ZR to start using your hammer as per usual. While holding down ZR, now press Y to rev back and start charging.

After charging the hammer back for about three seconds, you will then automatically smash the hammer forward and knock out many more blocks at once. In fact, doing this attack will demolish a 3x3x3 square block right in front of you. This means your quickest way of obtaining blocks is to go after a wall rather than just one layer of blocks in front of you to get more blocks in a short period of time.

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