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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: How To Save

by Dean James


The Dragon Quest Heroes games do a great job at maintaining much of the classic Dragon Quest feel even with a completely new gameplay style. This started in the first game and has continued into the sequel that is now available known as Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

While the story in the Dragon Quest franchise has remained standalone with each entry throughout the 30 years the series has been around, there have been many constants throughout as well. This ranges from the types of enemies you come across to gameplay mechanics, including saving.

Saving the game in any RPG is very important and that is certainly no different here in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. Dating back to Dragon Quest 2, churches have been a mainstay location in most every game. These serve as a hub for saving and taking care of other status effects or reviving fallen teammates. However, this process is simplified a bit in Dragon Quest Heroes and that is the same as Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

Not too far into the game, you will come across the town of Accordia, which is the main hub for Dragon Quest Heroes 2. This area is where you will find all of the important NPCs that let you change classes, buy new weapons and equipment, and more. Some of these are located inside buildings and some outside, so one of your first inclinations may be to look for a church nearby.

However, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 handles this a little differently by instead placing a nun from the church outside in the town. By going up to her and talking to her, you will have the opportunity to give a Confession, which is the game’s way of saving.

By doing this, you can then save your progress exactly where you are in the game from a number of different save slots. You will also be given the option to essentially save and quit, or continue on after saving. This is basically as one would expect from anybody that’s played a Dragon Quest game before, but it may be a little different for newcomers to the franchise.

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