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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Dwarven Mug Locations – Goblins at the Gates

by Brandon Adams


Dungeon & Dragons: Dark Alliance has a variety of dungeons, each with optional objectives to complete, like finding a Dwarven Mug or two. In Act 1 of the starting quest – Goblins at the Gates – you’ll need to find eight of these Dwarven Mugs to complete one of the dungeon’s two optional objectives. Thankfully for you I went ahead and found all of them, so you can use this guide to skip all that time wasting searching.

All Dwarven Mug locations in Dark Alliance for Goblins at the Gates


Dwarven Mug 1

Dwarven Mug 1 can be found at the start of Goblins at the Gates, to the right on a broken cart wheel.


Dwarven Mug 2

Dwarven Mug number 2 in Goblins at the Gates is on a pile of Dwarf bodies next to the first ballista you need to destroy.


Dwarven Mug 3

Dwarven Mug 3 is also on a pile of bodies, these to the right of the encounter with the second verbeeg in Goblin at the Gates (excluding the optional boss).


Dwarven Mug 4

Dwarven Mug 4 in Dark Alliance – Goblins at the Gates is to the left of the goblin shanty base entrance, near a spawn den.


Dwarven Mug 5

This fifth Dwarven Mug can be found after scaling the goblin shanty keep, near the third verbeeg battle. At the end of the path to the right is a cage with the mug inside.


Dwarven Mug 6

The sixth Dwarven Mug in Dark Alliance – Goblins at the Gate can be found in a cage on the right side of the arena you fight the cultists in.


Dwarven Mug 7

Dwarven Mug 7 is in the final arena before you head up the lift. Follow the small path near the lift to a chest, where the seventh mug rests on a dwarf corpse.


Dwarven Mug 8

The eighth and final Dwarven Mug in Dark Alliance – Goblins at the Gates can be found immediately after riding the lift up, behind a pile of barrels. Break the barrels to grab this last mug.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is available June 22nd on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console, PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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