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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance- How to Unlock Short Rest

Stop and smell the corpse flowers.

by Brandon Adams


The Short Rest is an iconic mechanic in Dungeons & Dragons, one Dark Alliance has found a way to implement within its cooperative dungeon crawling halls. Yes, you can enjoy a Short Rest here, though it works in a different manner than you may be use to. You can’t just plop down and setup a campfire whenever you please. No, if you plan to take a Short Rest in Dark Alliance you need to earn it first.

Short Rest in Dark Alliance is an optional checkpoint earned after clearing enemies in specific locations.

A Short Rest in Dark Alliance functions as an optional checkpoint within a dungeon, and is unlocked after clearing out enemies at specific locations. They are one-and-done opportunities to refill your Health and Stamina, and to replenish your consumables. They also act as a respawn location should you fall in battle. A Short Rest location can only be used once, and if you opt to not use it then it’s inaccessible for the rest of the dungeon.

Why would you opt to not take a Short Rest in Dark Alliance when it offers so many benefits? Why, loot of course! After clearing out your foes within a Short Rest location you’ll be given 30 seconds to choose between taking the Short Rest, or abandoning the opportunity in exchange for an increased chance for higher rarity and rank loot to drop. Additionally, taking a Short Rest will respawn all enemies in the dungeon (with the exception of those that would be at your current location).

It also doesn’t help that a new Short Rest overrides the previous one, and since you can’t repeat a Short Rest during a dungeon run you risk sacrificing an ideal respawn location for a less than favorable one. Maybe your previous Short Rest was at the center of a branching dungeon, making it the perfect location to return to should you fall? There are some tactical reasons to not take a Short Rest in Dark Alliance, so if you don’t care for better loot at least keep these ideas in mind.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is available June 22nd on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console, PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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