Dying Light 2: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life Safe Code Solution

Find out the true answer to life with this helpful Dying Light 2 guide

by Shaun Cichacki


Dying Light 2 is an absolutely massive game, featuring loads of quests, side quests, and content that will keep players occupied for hours.

However, you may sometimes be left scratching your head at a puzzle that sometimes just doesn’t feel like you will ever find the answer for it. Taking the time to examine your environment will lead you in the right direction for the clues that you need, and will always reward you with something excellent. In this guide for the quest, “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life”, we’ll show you how to get your hands on the code for the safe, and the reward that awaits you inside.

Cracking Up


While exploring the vast world of Dying Light 2, you’re going to come across a vast number of collectibles, and artifacts that will help you along your journey. One such Artifact that you’ll find is “Safe Code – The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything [In Binary]”. 

At first, this may seem like a very confusing collectible to obtain. What, exactly does this mean? Well, it seems to be a direct reference to the classic BBC television show, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”

In this video, two characters ask the supercomputer Deep Thought what the true answer to the meaning of life is, and they are answered back with “42”.

Now, what does 42 have to do with this quest? We’re glad that you asked! Binary code is a representation of text, processor instructions, and other data using two different symbols, 0 and 1. Using these two symbols, a computer, or in this case, a supercomputer, can process what the two have asked him and gave them what they believe is a superfluous answer.

But, in this case, they just gave you the answer to your riddle! As you explore the Muddy Grounds area of the map, you’ll be able to go into a building that has a safe, located between two different shelves. Walking up to the safe, you’ll want to input 10-10-10, as in binary code, 101010 is equal to 42.

So just to recap quickly;

  • Make your way to the Muddy Grounds section of the map
  • Locate the safe inside of the building, located between two shelves
  • Input 10-10-10, as that is 42 in Binary Code
  • Claim your new prizes

A great reference to a great show, and you are now the proud owner of some new equipment! For more helpful tips and tricks for Dying Light 2, paraglide your way on over to our guide section for the game. 

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