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EA Sports UFC 2 Guide: How To Score A Fast KO

by Damian Seeto


Scoring a KO can be hard to do but it’s possible to get one quickly. You can get a fast KO in the first round depending on the type of opponent you are facing plus the fighter you are playing as in EA Sports UFC 2.

The best way to score a fast KO is to strike your opponent quickly without them noticing it. One of the quickest matches I ever did was against my brother because he failed to see my attacks and left his head exposed various times.

Anyway, you should try and use the most powerful strikes and aim for the head to score very fast knockouts in EA Sports UFC 2. The best attacks are the modified strikes which make the basic punches and kicks more devastating than just pressing the face buttons on their own.

For the more powerful punches, you want to hold the left bumper (L1) button and then press the left stick in any direction followed by X (Square) or Y (Triangle). Modified kicks are the same thing, although you press the B (Circle) and A (X) buttons instead.

If you see your opponent is blocking their head too often, either attack their legs or body so that they have their head exposed. If you hit them successfully in the stomach, they should stumble a bit. This is your chance to follow up with a powerful head strike because they cannot block when they have stumbled.

Another quick victory that you can do is knock them out following a takedown. If you see them on the ground, press one of the face buttons lots of times and your fighter should be striking their opponent to the head. If they cannot defend themselves, the referee will stop the match.

Bear in mind, you’re not guaranteed to get a quick KO 100 percent of the time. These are just some of the strategies I used when I won in the first round against others online and also the AI. Feel free to suggest your own strategies by commenting below.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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