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EA Sports UFC 3 Guide: How to Defend Against Grapple Transitions

by William Schwartz


UFC 3 features a familiar grappling system to previous games in the series, and it’s absolutely important that you are knowledgeable about grappling in the game.  Learning how to defend against grappling transitions is one way to stop your opponent from keeping you on the ground and pounding away or submitting you.  There are multiple types of transitions that can be defended against in UFC 3 and we’ll start with defensive moves.

When you’re on top of your opponent

If you’ve successfully mounted your opponent they will constantly be trying to move to a more advantageous position while you’ll be looking for one as well.  Transitioning in these positions is essential for passing the guard of your opponent, but if you don’t defend against your opponent moving sometimes your transitions will be denied.

Holding the RT/R2 button while on top of your opponent you’ll see that a defensive prompt comes up at moments when your opponent is trying to transition when you’re in grappling mode.   If you can quickly flick the right thumbstick in the direction noted in the prompt, you’ll be able to deny your opponent’s movement.  Since this block has likely taken some of their stamina in the process, you can follow up with trying to get a different position like moving into full mount at this time.  You can also continue to soften your opponent by landing punches and elbows from your current position.

When your opponent is on top of you

If your opponent has successfully mounted you, things can get out of hand quickly in UFC 3 if you don’t know the technique to get back to your feet.  Similarly to when you are mounting your opponent, you’ll have options to defend against transitions by holding the RT/R2 button.  Pressing the corresponding direction when prompted will block an opponents transition to a more advantageous position and also give you openings to exploit.  A successful block could be followed up with punches from the bottom, or a potential reversal transition of your own.  After flicking the right thumbstick for a successful transition block, you can then release the RT/R2 button and look for ways to gain an advantage via transition or a “get up” move to get back to your feet.

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