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EA Sports UFC 3 Guide: How to Perform Submissions

by William Schwartz


First to perform a submission in EA Sports UFC 3 you need to begin a submission attempt. This can be done in a number of ways and from numerous angles, depending on your fighter. When grappling, you’ll notice that you have numerous options on the screen as to what actions you would like perform. The basic options allow you to pass guard into more advantageous positions for your fighter. However, once you get to a spot where you can use a submission, you’ll need to press the L2,LT button to begin the action. Beginning the submission action will start a mini-game in which the attacking player must defend against the directions that a player is pressing to break out of one of the four walls in the mini-game.

During the mini-game, you must counter your opponents movement by using the Right Thumbstick, blocking them from getting to the end of any of the four walls. You’ll need to defend and advance your submission to get an opponent to tap out. When trying to perform a submission you’ll see one of the four walls moving with the Right Thumbstick icon. Press the direction that your opponent is trying to break to stop that attempt and then look for the next direction press. You’ll also need to look out for opportunities to advance your submission which occurs when you see the Left Thumbstick icon appear.

Watch the inside of the circle for Left Thumbstick icons to appear. When they do, you’ll need to flick the Left Thumbstick in the direction that is prompted on the screen. If you do this sucessfully, you will advance the submission and push the break walls for your opponent back towards the center of the circle.

Each submission has a different number of stages to progress. Some have more than others, and you can see the number of stages and what stage you are on in the mini-game. One you’ve advanced through every stage of a submission you will get a tap out from your opponent.

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