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How to earn more Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

by William Schwartz


Scorestreaks have changed a lot in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  These rewards just aren’t as simple as they’ve been in previous games, now these items can be customized in a number of different ways.  Some of which, making unlocking certain items much easier than others.

Some Advanced Warfare players are having trouble unlocking Scorestreaks easily, this quick guide should help in getting more Scorestreak rewards, faster.

Equip the Support Customization


If you’re not the type of player who can stay alive for long stretches in Call of Duty games, the Support Customization for some Scorestreaks is an absolute must.  For the UAV, Orbital Care Package, Aerial Recon Drone, and Remote Turret, you can choose to make the points that go towards earning these rewards a cumulative thing.  This means that even if you die, you’ll earn points towards these rewards.

This can make a huge difference between not earning any Scorestreaks and earning quite a few in every match.  Enabling Support will the items cost more, but you’re bound to earn at least one or more of these in the course of any match, given that you don’t have to stay alive the whole time.

It’s Points, Not Kills

Call of Duty has had some different systems for earning the most powerful rewards over the years, but Advanced Warfare is based on points, not just kills.  That means you don’t have to kill other players to earn Scorestreaks.  Playing objective modes you can rack up a lot of points just by concentrating on capturing or completing objectives.  Of course, if you combine the ability to kill and assist other players, you’ll earn points more quickly.  Want to earn more points?  Recognize the game mode you are playing, and do the things that reward you with the most points.  Hardpoint will give you the most points for capturing and defending the hardpoint zones.  Kill Confirmed will give you most points for picking up tags.  Each mode has a different scoring system that rewards you with more points for doing specific things.

You can also use you Scorestreaks themselves to continue earning you points, by customizing them even further.  Many items will give you more assist points by simply adding a +50 option on them.  It takes a little bit more to earn these customized streaks, but the rewards will go a long way in helping you earn the bigger rewards like the Paladin, Goliath, and Warbird.

Mix and Match Support to earn Top Tier Streaks


We’ve found that the best way to go about earning the biggest Scorestreak rewards is by mixing and matching the Support streaks with the more expensive ones like the Paladin.  While there are many ways to do it, the sample class below has shown pretty easy to earn the mighty Gunship without breaking a sweat.

We used the Aerial Recon Drone with AI Control, UAV with Extra Assist Points, Extra Time, and Support modifiers.  Then we topped it off with a System Hack.  It wasn’t very hard to get the Paladin with all those points going towards the reward.  In fact, in the video below, we didn’t have to do anything to earn the Paladin once the other three Scorestreak Rewards were activated.

How to get the Paladin Scorestreak

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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