Elden Ring – How to Find Map Fragments

Get a better lay of the lands.

by William Schwartz


In Elden Ring the world map is definitely expansive and it’s covered by a fog of war as you venture into new areas.  It’s very important to locate the map fragments of the world so that you can see possible points of interest while exploring.  In this guide we’ll explain how the map fragment system works and how to find these map fragments in Elden Ring even when you can’t see them on the map.

Map Fragment Locations in Elden Ring

Map Fragments are going to be required if you want to fill in the blanks in the land of Elden Ring.  Until they are found you won’t be able to get a lay of the land and see any unique locations.  However, there’s a neat little trick to finding these map fragments pretty easily.  Anytime the map is blanked out, simply look for the obelisk icon on the map.  It looks like a tower (Image Below)  Set a waypoint on these locations and make your way their to procure the map fragment for each locale.


What are Map Fragments

Map Fragments are items that you collect in Elden Ring which basically fill in the blanks of the map.  Once you find the map fragment you will be able to use the map of the area to look for possible points of interest.  Map Fragments are always located a the foot of these statues shown in the image above.  Be warned, more often than not these map fragment locations are guarded by enemies but if you’re quick you can get in and get out without the need to fight.

Usually, these obelisks are located on a path as seen in the image above.  You might need to do a little bit of blind exploring to find them but as you do explore the grey fog will be replaced with the brown rough layout of the area.  Zoom in on the map and you should easily be able to see which direction to head to find the map fragment which will put a lot more detail on the map.

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