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In Elden Ring if you’re going to be a melee character it’s going to be beneficial to be able to roll as quickly as possible to get out of harm’s way.  The speed that which you roll depends on some factors which include how you spend your attribute points and your overall equipment load.  In this guide we’ll explain what you need to know about how to roll faster in Elden Ring.

How to Roll Fast in Elden Ring

How fast you roll is determined by your equip load which can be viewed in your status screen.  There are four types of roll status, light roll (fastest), medium roll, heavy roll (fat roll), and over-encumbered.  Here’s how this breaks down in the status screen to tell if you’re going to be rolling fast, medium, slow, or not at all.  The lighter the roll, the more invicibility frames your character has when rolling, making it essential for battles, depending on your build.

  • Light Roll – 30% Equip Load and Below
  • Medium Roll – 70% Equip Load and Below
  • Heavy Roll – 71% Equip Load and Above
  • Over Encumbered – Over 100% Equip Load disable rolling

Equip load is basically the sum of the weight of your weapons and armor.  To get this number into an area where you have a roll that’s comfortable for your playstyle you can do things like change your weapons or armor pieces to bring that number down (or up).  Secondary weapons will also add to your equip load so make sure if speed is your objective that you don’t have a secondary weapon or shield unless absolutely necessary.

That’s everything you need to know about fast rolling in Elden Ring and how to roll faster (or slower if you want).  Just make sure to keep an eye on that equip load and you should be able to produce the results that you want.

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