Elden Ring Lord’s Chamber Location: Where to Find Praetor Rykard and the Serpent-Slaying Spear

A very strong Rune and Remembrance await at the end of this quest.

by Elliott Gatica
Alternate Path to the Lord's Chamber

With the many quests you can take on in Elden Ring, there is a questline that requires you to do some rather dirty work if you pledge for the Volcano Manor. You’ll essentially have to carry out a few assassinations on other Tarnished to show your allegiance with this group. Your ultimate task is to find and kill the Serpent King. There are two paths to get here. So here is the location of the Lord’s Chamber, the place where Rykard resides, in Elden Ring.

The Lord’s Chamber Location in Elden Ring

This boss can be found in a place called the Audience Pathway. A site of grace is there as being an easy means of access to this fight. You can access this by carrying out Tanith’s tasks which are to assassinate Old Knight Istvan, Rileigh the Idle, and Juno Hoslow. After defeating those three, she will then give you an option to either see the Lord [Rykard] or not.


It does not matter too much what you choose here. Seeing him will teleport you to the designated arena. Choosing not to will just mean that you can save the first option for later.

The alternative path to reaching Rykard is in a secret wall within the Volcano Manor. This path leads you to the Prison Town Church, opening up a whole new area to explore, alternate enemies and bosses to encounter, as well as different drops. Do note that if you don’t assassinate the other targets, you run the risk of losing out on some armor sets, weapons, and possible quest progression.

To access this path, head down the left hallway from the main entrance to the Manor. The first door on your right from the hallway is where this hidden path is. Go inside the room and strike/roll the wall in the northern corner. It’s best to take the alternative path after you carried out Tanith’s original quest. Either way you go will still lead you to Rykard.


How to get the Serpent-Hunter (Serpent Slaying Spear)

This weapon will be given to you when you enter the Audience Pathway. It’s a guaranteed drop from a body just by the Grace. It’ll perform differently in this fight compared to anywhere else in the game, given the grand scale and lethality of the boss ahead. To make the fight easier, you can upgrade the Serpent-Hunter with Somber Smithing Stones. It scales tremendously with Strength with Dexterity only affecting it a little.

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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